Diary of Bliss : Fourth week

 This is the fourth week of Diary of Bliss,  a weekly challenge started by Katerina from http://positive-thinking-greece.blogspot.gr/ where we have to write down moments in our lives which make us happy. You can also take a look at first,  second and third week’s posts.

Today it’s the 26th September and one reason to be happy is that it’s one of my nieces’ birthday!

Happy Birthday V!

But fefore V was born I had another reason to celebrate on this day. It was the day the boy of my dreams became my boyfriend. I still remember how happy I was, but nervous too! I talked about him all the time and my girlfriends begged me to stop. They said : ‘He’s just a boyfriend. It doesn’t mean you’re going to marry him. Friends are more important’.
Wherever I went I thought I saw his face. He was always on my mind and of course it was so hard to concentrate and study. I was in love!

It was the time of my life
When this boy caught my eye
I was so deep in love
He was the boy I adored

When I’m down
When in tears
I still think of those years
When we said we will love
Even when we grow old

Now when I wake up
I see another cute man 
But you’re still in my sight
Because he has his daddy’s eyes

Happy anniversary!

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