I’ve missed Carrie Bradshaw’s dresses. Is she coming back?

I have to admit, I am one of Carrie’s biggest fans. Before ‘Sex and the city’ became very popular in my country I had discovered it and got addicted to every minute of it. The first time I went to the video store to rent the first season, the girls who worked there had no idea what it was and they thought I wanted an adult film!

Carrie is my favourite from the four girls and I loved her style. I doubt if I would ever wear any of her unique outfits though.


Today let’s remember some of her beautiful dresses.


Do you remember the dress in the first picture? It was in Paris when she went there with her Russian boyfriend, whom I didn’t like. What about you? Do you think Mr. Big was the right man for her?




Carrie in pink!

I also identified with her because I used to have the same hairstyle.

The good news is Carrie Bradshaw is coming back as Anna Sophia Robb will take Sarah Jessica Parker’s role in ‘The Carrie Diaries’, a TV series about Carrie’s younger years.
Did you like the series? Who was your favourite character?

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