What’s in my handbag?

My friend Preethi was curious to know what I have in my handbag! If you want to know that too, here it is.
This is the bag I’m carrying these days. There is usually everything in my bag and I thought I would have to remove many things before I show it to you, but it looks like it’s even boring. Amazingly, you can’t see any lipstick, baby wipes or croissants.

As you can see there is a pair of sunglasses, a pen in case I want to write something (no notepad though), my gold wallet, another one for coins, tissues, a receipt from a dress I bought for my niece Nicole and a packet of toilet plastic covers. Don’t ask me why I carry the last one, just in case!


In my wallet I found some discount coupons for baby products.
I also have a picture of Jesus (weird but true) and an old photo of my husband.


I also found 10 euros, but I just remembered I owe my sister 6 euros and my mum 1,5.
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You can also see the results from a previous poll where people had revealed what they always have in their bag.
I would like to tag all of you!

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