A peacock eye makeup for Halloween

A few days ago my friend Preethi invited me to participate in a makeup challenge where we have to create a makeup look using products worth $20. I started thinking what I would make and I decided to create an eye makeup. So, I came up with this makeup look that now I named peacock because it reminds me of a peacock (first it reminded me of a ladybird!). But on Wednesday I asked Preethi if it was ok and I found out that it had to be a whole face makeup.
I had to try something else but…a rash on my neck prevented me from putting makeup on my skin. So, I decided to enter Preethi’s challenge with some photos I recently took  when I wanted to take photos of my fresh-dyed hair and I had a very simple every day makeup.

So this is the eye makeup I did first.

From some angles it looks like I used green, but I only used black eye shadow and gold dust.

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