My secret drawer

Today I will share a secret with you! You know I am a tidy person and I want everything to be in order, but…
I used to have a pink room with anything girly, the jewellery I make, my mirrors and my cosmetics. So, when I had to empty this room I had to find other places to put my belongings.

I store my cosmetics in a big case where everything is separated in categories (lipsticks, pencils, eyeshadows, etc), but there are a few products I use more often and it’s boring and time-consuming to open this case every day.
Do you remember Monica from ‘Friends’ who was so tidy but she had a secret messy closet? Well, I have a secret drawer where I put the cosmetics I want to be more easily accessible. Inside it you can find makeup, brushes, eyeshadows and perfume samples.

But my son discovered it and he wants to take everything and throw it in the toilet. So, I tried to explain to him ‘You can throw my mobile phone, but not my makeup’.
If you look in the photos carefully, you will see that there is a plastic pepper and a sheep. I didn’t put them there for fun. This is what my baby does and I let him as long as he doesn’t touch my stuff.
And now I have an excuse to buy a new powder!
I should find a way to lock it very soon because it would be dangerous if he took anything and I didn’t see it, but I have to find another place to keep my girly things.
I have thought of making another space in my bedroom, but I wanted it to be a hidden place.
What about you? Where do you store your cosmetics?

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