Beautiful dresses and tips for brides and guests

I love searching for weddings dresses! 
If you want to have a dream wedding dress, but you think you can’t afford it, here’s the proof that beautiful doesn’t mean expensive.

I have done research for the perferct wedding gown twice (with the same man!), so you can say I have searched a lot and have some tips for you.

 A clever move is to purchase a dress you can wear again. There are gorgeous evening dresses that can be worn as wedding dresses too. 

 It would be wise to choose a dress that represents you. If you have never been a woman who wears sexy clothes, you may feel uncomfortable to wear a sexy dress on the day that you are in the centre of attention.

A young girl can also wear a shorter gown which can help her dance easily at the wedding reception.

Do you want to feel like a princess? Then you should look for a romantic dress.

 Lately dresses in Grecian style have been very popular.

The bride doesn’t have to wear white. Champagne and gold are such beautiful warm colours. 

If you haven’t found your prince yet, don’t worry. You can be pretty as well at your friends’ weddings. Please don’t wear white unless you don’t like the bride!

You know at Kim Kardashian’s wedding guests had to wear black or white. I agree that black is so chic and I don’t think that black is inappropriate for happy events.

If you aren’t a total black fan, look at these fabulous dresses in bright colours.

And for the end I have something for the women who want to make some heads turn. RED!

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