Bracelets with memory wire

As I have mentioned before memory wire is a durable type of wire which is flexible and retains its shape.
You can try it on your wrist to see how much of it you are going to use depending on how many layers you want.
When you cut off the desirable length, close one of the edges by turning it with a pair of pliers. Pass through the wire the beads and when you have finished close the other edge as well.

You can also make necklaces with memory wire. If you don’t want your necklace to be be with one piece of wire wrapped around your neck you can cut seperate pieces of memory wire and join them together with the use of metal connectors as shown in Swarovski jewellery with memory wire. The necklace will have one opening at the back of your neck.




 To make this specific bracelet is a little more difficult as I have joined the four strips of memory wire with small pieces of wire filled with beads too.

I really like red colour on brunettes as it reveals their sexy side.


Light blue is appropriate for summer and it matches your blue jeans.

You can match these bracelets with the Curtain necklaces




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