Christmas decor

Christmas is outside our door. Are you looking forward to it? Here are some suggestions for Christmas decor.

I just started decorating too, but it didn’t go as well as I expected. I’ll let you know what happened soon.



There are many types of Christmas trees in a variety of colours.




Depending on the tree you choose you can find appropriate ornaments. Red and gold are the most pupular colours, but some people prefer silver, blue or even pink.

I love candles and of course there is always a stocking at my fireplace and one at the door!


And here is a small sample of gift suggestions for your friends.



A carousel or a snowglobe would be the perfect gift for me!



I also love Christmas calendars. And these houses beautiful house with lights.


There are also cute Christmas doormats.
You know Christmas time has come when you see neighbourhoods all lit up.



What I hate about Christmas is that it ends!
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