Hanging decorative ornaments for your baby’s bedroom Part 1

You have painted your baby’s bedroom, put cartoon stickers on the walls, but you want to add a more personal touch, something that will be made especially for your kid.

Material : To create these beautiful objects you need a packet of plaster powder with molds for plaster (or air-hardening plaster), fishing line and your imagination.

If you use plaster powder, mix 3 parts of powder into 1 part of water, stir thoroughly and pour the mixture into the molds. For the air-hardening plaster, create the shape you want with your hands. Whichever way you choose, use a toothpick or any other sharp object (even the tip of a pen) while you’re waiting for the mixture to dry to make small holes where you intend to put the fishing line. When your material is ready (it usually takes 30-40 minutes to dry), you can paint in different colours.

 At the top of your ornament you can use a piece of cardboard as the support of your creation. When the colour or glitter has dried, pass the shapes you have created and the beads through the fishing line.

WARNING : These objects are not toys, they consist of dangerous parts.

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