My Christmas decoration and some Christmas memories

For some people it’s still too early to talk about Christmas, but for me it’s never to early to decorate my Christmas tree. I usually start decorating around 21st November and this started a few years ago because I used to work so many hours and I couldn’t believe how quickly Christmas holidays had come and gone. So, I decided to have my house in a Christmas atmosphere and whenever I came back from work I enjoyed sitting next to my lit up tree. Sometimes I even put it next to my bed!
Last year it was the first time I had Christmas with my son and he was too little to destroy things, but this year…
From the beginning I said that this year I’m going to put less things in the tree, but he still removes anything he can reach.

This is what my tree used to look like the previous years.
And this is how it is now.

Every night I have to decorate the tree again and again!
(I know my curtains need ironing, but I don’t intend to do it!)

I have placed my favourite ornaments high, so that he can’t reach them. Here are a few.

Do you like them?

In the past I also decorated our fireplace, but now it has been transformed and there is no space for the little village I used to set up.

Now I had to find another place for my village.

I had to put all the decor on the table to make sure that my son won’t reach anything dangerous.
My mum thought I had put them there for a while until I find somewhere to decorate them, but no, this is where they’re going to stay!

And this is a preview of some Christmas creations I’ve made because I want to share some DIY projects with you! Ho, ho ho!

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