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Beauty Blogger HeadquartersHow do you photograph for your blog?

Photos play such an important role on a blog. Especially if you need to take photos of your make up, you definitely need to take good photos. 

I’ve been using a Samsung S1060 which I bought a few years ago and in an older post I had mentioned that I hate it. I have to admit that I shouldn’t have judged it so strictly. It isn’t an expensive professional camera, but it isn’t that bad.

I really wish I could change it for a better one, but at the moment this isn’t my priority. To get better results with my photos the only thing I can do is play with the light. I haven’t got any special lamps, so I experiment with the indoor lights. I have noticed that the more light I add the more clarity I have on my photos. Nevertheless, when I take photos with my mobile phone, the light from the flash is so intense that makes the real colours disappear.

Many times I have seen make up photos that look so clear and even the simplest make up looks look so special. I suppose photoshop, the right camera and light make a big difference.

At my wedding I saw the difference between the photos from the camera I use and the ones the professional photographer took.

I hope one day I get a professional camera.
Santa, you still have time!

Happy New Year everyone!

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