What has 2012 left behind?

What has 2012 left behind? Was it a good or bad year? If I had to give a short answer I would say it was a terrible year, but could the year of my wedding be so bad?
First of all, this year I started this blog, so something great really happened. Sometimes it has crossed my mind that I should stop blogging because it needs so much time and I don’t have it, but honestly the reason I can’t stop is YOU! When I started writing I didn’t know if anybody was going to read my blog, but then I started talking with people and with so many of you I feel we are friends.

2012 was also the year my religious wedding took place. Of course it was a very important moment in my life, although we had been already married. I had dreamt of the time I would stand next to the man of my dreams.
Unfortunately, since then I have felt sad so many times, but I believe 2013 will be a brand new start. One of the days I was sad I wrote a poem, it wasn’t meant to be shown on the blog, but I posted it here and I am very surprised to find out it is one of my most popular posts.
Most of my happy moments in 2012 included time with my baby. Words are not enough to describe all my feelings and tell you everything I have experienced with him. His hugs and kisses are the best gift in the world. I hope in the new year he stops having so many accidents.
Professional life had also some changes, but they happened at the right moment and I think everything had a reason to happen. Now I have only good memories from my old work. I could have left earlier and not under the best circumstances.
All in all, I look forward to 2013 and I have a feeling I’m going to like this year. I really wish everyone health, happiness and lots of love and I hope the old year takes away every sadness!
Happy New Year!
I’m looking forward to seeing myself in 2013!

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