DIY:How to make Christmas balls

A few years ago my sister thought it would be fun to create our own Christmas balls. It sounded as a great idea as I wanted to use different colours that year and I would prefer to make my own ornaments as I couldn’t buy everything from the scratch. I even wanted to buy a white Christmas tree instead of a green one I always had. Keep reading to find out if I got the tree I was looking for.

What you need:


small balloons
glue and newspaper
plaster strips
All these are the balls my nieces made when they were little.

If you prefer to use glue and newspaper, apply the glue with  a brush and stick the pieces of newspaper on the balloons. When the glue dries, you  can paint them. When they have hardened enough you can use a pin to break the balloons. You can stick small cords at the top or make small holes to install small hooks.
If you use plaster, you need to wet the strips in a bowl of water and then place them on the balloons. When they dry, you can paint them.

About the white tree I was looking for, I couldn’t find any in a reasonable price, so I decided to turn my old tree into a white one using spray. But everywhere I searched they only had silver spray and I was too impatient to wait. 

Thank God I sprayed the tree after I had put it outdoors otherwise I would have made everything in the house silver.
And then, I decorated it with the pink balls I had made. 

For the end I have left a special gift. Last year a little boy gave me this aromatic orange he made for me. How sweet!

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