How to shape your eyebrows

Eyebrows are the frame of your eyes and they must be always neat and tidy as they play an important role in your image.
If you haven’t shaped your eyebrows before, it isn’t difficult to do it without a professional’s help, but there are a few things you should take into consideration.
It is advisable to remove any make up first. To reduce the pain you can use ice.

Every face is different and you shouldn’t try to imitate somebody else’s eyebrows. A shape that looks good on your friend may not be appropriate for you.

Fashion can be also a trap. Be aware that hairs you remove may not grow again and it will be impossible to go back to your natural shape.

Make sure you sterilise the tweezers in case they have been used by others too.
White pencil can help you define the desirable shape of your eyebrows. To determine the right length you can use something like a ruler and find an imaginary line that starts from your nose’s side, passes next to your eye’s edge and meets the part of your eyebrow that must be the end of your eyebrow. Nevertheless, it’s not necessary to follow this line. Some women prefer longer eyebrows.

Remove any hair covered by the white line and outside it. You can also shorten some hairs carefully with a pair of scissors.

There are different types of tweezers to find the ones that are convenient for you.

When you have finished, erase the white line and you may see any extra hairs you should remove.

Now you’re ready for your make up!



Eyes are the mirror of your soul, so why not put them in a beautiful frame?


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