Kiss’n’Go lipsticks from Avon

I have purchased three shades of Kiss’n’Go lipsticks from Avon cosmetics.
Starting from the top, they’re names are BeigeStar, Violet Friday and Flirt.

And this is also the order I like them. My first preference is the beige shade and this is a lipstick I have used a lot for every day make up, but also for formal occasions after I have applied lip pencil first to make the colour last more.

I also like purple lipsticks, so I also like the violet shade. You are going to see me wearing it here.

The last lipstick is not really my taste as I don’t usually wear this kind of shades that have orange, coral tones, but I know many women like them.

All in all, I have purchased similar lipsticks from Avon before and this is what I expected. They are very soft lipsticks suitable even for dry lips as they remind of lip balms.They may not cover everybody’s needs, but for girls like me who want something soft for every day make up that they can put in their bag and easily use whenever they want some colour, they are a good choice.

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