What happens when the giveaways end?

In Summer the first giveaway of Beauty and the Mist took place. I was very happy, but scared as well because it was something new and I didn’t know if things would go fine. As soon as it finished I got the two winners’ addresses and the next day I sent the gifts. I made a post about it, but then I didn’t inform you about the rest of the gifts I was giving away.

The first winner was Kristin and she won a beautiful set of necklace and ring with Swarovski crystals.
My friend Puja won a set of necklace and earrings with mother of Earth. A few days later I was happy to find out that both ladies had received their new jewellery.

Then I organised a photo contest instead of a giveaway and Dwra was the winner of my Halloween contest who won two necklaces.
Everything went right this time too and the gifts reached their destination.

Then I was happily surprised to be offered a beautiful necklace from Lunarrastar. Many people entered this giveaway, but there was only one lucky winner called Evdoxia. A few days later she informed me that she had received her beautiful necklace.

As soon as this giveaway ended there were two other gifts waiting for two lucky winners and their names were Demy and Elena. Both were happy to get a pair of eyeslices each. Every time I send the gifts I’m so worried that something is going to go wrong and the gifts are going to be lost, but once again the girls informed me they received their gifts.

The last giveaway has recently ended and a lucky winner won two necklaces with Swarovski crystals. This time I was more worried that during the Chistmas period the gifts could be easily lost. It was the only time I didn’t send the gifts right after the giveaway ended, but I waited for a couple days because I was sick. And this time I couldn’t believe that a day later the winner named Infinity informed me she had already received her gifts.

I can say I feel so relieved and happy that until now I faced no problems with the gifts and I heard no complaints. I would like to thank you all for participating and also for supporting my blog every day.
The gifts travelled to the USA, India, Greece and Italy and thinking that some of my own creations have travelled so far away it’s like I’m travelling too.

At the moment there isn’t a giveaway running, but as Beauty and the Mist‘s first birthday is close I will try to find an exciting way to celebrate it. 

I would like to remind you that you can still vote for https://www.beautyandthemist.com/ as one of your favourite Greek blogs. Follow the link below and at the left bottom of the page write your name and email and then you can either choose 3 DIFFERENT blogs or if you choose only one, choose the blank at the bottom for the 2 other options. Thank you in advance!

GBB Beauty Blog Competition Vote for Me
And last but not least, I would like to inform you that I was the winner of two giveaways too. The first gift was a discount coupon from Firmoo. I didn’t use the coupon as through my blog anybody can get their first pair of glasses for free, but I entered the giveaway  to support my friend Adeola.

And the second gift was from a contest I won and my friend Delfinaki sent me this beautiful calendar she created and a beautiful card.

I borrowed the photo from her blog, but I have already received the gift.

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