Organising the kitchen, safety locks for babies and my specialities in photos

Yes, you’re right! Today I will talk about a place I don’t feel I belong to…the kitchen! 
When you want to make a little child wash his teeth, you buy him a cute toothbrush. The same happened with me, I got new stuff for the kitchen that made me want to do things there.
At my wedding I received some gifts that I hadn’t used until now, one of these gifts was a barbecue.

It was forgotten inside its box, but I managed to make some space on my kitchen’s counter and give it a try.
For the beginning I decided to make some steaks, but what I’m really looking forward to making is pizza. If I do it, I’ll let you know.

Since my son has started walking we’ve been struggling to make the house safer for him, especially the kitchen where some objects can be very dangerous.
We’ve tried several types of safety locks for cupboards and drawers. The truth is we’ve had some hard time to find one type that the baby can’t open. The first one didn’t last long because the adhesive tapes are easily removed. On the second one the lock broke and the one that has been the best so far is the last one below.

As opening the drawers all the time is a little annoying when you have to unlock the safety I decided to use some other gifts and put cornflakes and biscuits in these jars. 

I also found the chance to start using again this hot chocolate maker my husband bought me a couple of years ago. When friends come over we can make hot chocolate very easily. I should experiment with that more as there is a leaflet with directions to make different beverages.

Another special gift I like is this base full of jars with spices. It’s always there when I cook, so I don’t forget to add something in the food. Garlic flakes is what I have used the most. 

So, did I persuade you that I’m a good cook or do you need more? Ok, I’m sure that wasn’t enough, I’ll be back with something more special. Until then, here are some of the dishes I have created.

I really wish that God has something to put on everybody’s plates every day.

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