Sparkling purple nails and a late Christmas manicure

During Christmas holidays my sister bought me a glitter nail polish. This is a sparkling purple shade of Seventeen number 538.
I suppose it should be used over another nail polish, but I used it alone. The first layer didn’t really show, but with the second coat you couldn’t tell this was only glitter.

The funny thing is I dyed my nails on a Saturday night while I was wathcing a horror film with almost no light in the room. The next day I would participate in a Christmas bazaar where I was invited to do make up and I wanted to have some colour on my nails.

I started taking photos with my camera, but it ran out of battery, so I took these photos with my mobile phone, then I got sick and I didn’t take better photos with my camera.

During Christmas holidays I wanted to show you more Christmas stuff I created, but I didn’t feel well and stayed behind. So today I remembered this manicure I haven’t shown.

I have already shown you my left hand here.

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