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If you’re in desperate need of a new look for 2013, there are so many cool hair trends out there that could give you a complete style makeover. Last year, we saw a rise of pastel shades and the hairdressing world went crazy for rainbow hair dyes and extension – so what’s in store for us this year? Take a look at these super cool trends and get some fresh new style ideas for your own lovely locks. 
Want something totally different? Check out these hot hair ideas for 2013…


  • Ombre & Dip Dye – this trend has blown up, not only in the blogger world but with young girls too. A few celebs led the way with pastel shades such as candy pink, mint green and lilac but dip dye can come in any colour you like.
  • Hair chalking – hair chalks went viral on instagram and tumblr and some beauty bloggers got involved by providing hair chalking tutorials. This is a very quick and easy way to colour your hair in a million different shades within a matter of minutes. It’s not permanent so you can chalk in and wash out in the same day. YouTube soon went crazy too with ‘how to’ videos and voila! A trend was born.
  • Long hair extensions – long, shiny and sleek has been a huge catwalk highlight and if you’re sick of waiting for your hair to grow, hair extensions could be a quick option to get gorgeous and long flowing locks.
  • Hair buns – last year we saw the top knot hair bun being a massive hit with high street and designer fashion. The simple, scruffy top knot was the perfect addition to almost any outfit, anytime, anywhere. In SS13, we welcome the lovely low-set bun which is a little more elegant and a little more vintage inspired.
  • Vintage curls – curl, curl and curl away. Get some hot rollers or a wide hair curler to achieve big, bouncy vintage curls. It’s a great way of finishing off your hair for daytime or evening and it’s so easy to achieve. It can be done at home or your hairdresser can help you get the look for a special occasion / hot date.




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