My February news: bad news, good news, a contest and strawberries

Can a month start awfully and end up as one of the best times of your life? 
On 1st February my brother called me telling me that our dad looked very sick and we had to take him to the hospital. As I am the last child of the family I’m not used to being the one who takes responsibility of the house or our parents and I’m so scared of hospitals and doctors, so when my brother called me made me very stressful. 

We spent the day in hospital under horrible conditions. The place was full of people on stretchers waiting to be examined. It was so weird seeing my dad there lying down while he’s the one who always takes care of all of us. My husband was there with me the whole time taking care of all the bureaucratic matters otherwise I would have no idea what to do.
A couple days later my dad left the hospital and we returned to our every day lives.

On 15th it was my husband’s birthday and although we didn’t have any special plans it was a very special day for us. We went to the doctor, but this time for a good reason. We heard our second child’s heart for the first time! I could say so many things about how I feel, so happy and blessed, but so stressed and afraid too. As I have been through all this before, there are so many things I worry about. Before giving birth the only thing I was afraid of was the delivery, but during the pregnancy there were many times I had to worry if everything was going ok.
The first time I was pregnant my daily routine didn’t change at all. I worked until late and I didn’t avoid any housework. I used to feel very strong and I called that ‘Power of two’. This time I suppose I’m already tired and in the evenings I’ve been feeling a little sick, I try to go to bed early and have a rest in the afternoon when my son sleeps. This means I spend less time on the blog and the internet in general, but I won’t risk something to go wrong just because I want to have a successful blog or I don’t want to feel like an inadequate blogger, life is all about priorities.
I could be writing about my feelings for hours, how I dream of my two kids playing together, loving each other, loving me! And so many worries, the world is so dangerous…
Oh, my son started calling me ‘mamoula’ and I love it and he knows how I melt when I hear it, so he says it very often and I do everything he wants. 

Enough about me and my personal stuff. Other good things happened too. 
First of all, I won a contest. My blogger friend Shilpa from our external world asked me to take part in a Valentine’s day contest. I really didn’t have time to do any new make up look, but I was told it could also be a DIY tutorial, so I created a bracelet you will see in a following post.

I also received my order from One And Beloved on etsy by my friend Evonita. I ordered this beautiful ring and Evonita had a special offer, so I also received this cute pair of bobby pins.

And look at this fantastic purse she sent me. I really love it!
I have shown it to everybody and everybody is amazed! She’s so creative and I would like to thank her very much and wish the best for her shop because she really deserves it.
The next time you want to buy a special gift, take a look at her creations!

That’s all for now! Today I decided to write a post instead of taking a nap!

Last night I finished a great book and now I have to find a new book to start.

Silly details:

-When we came back from the doctor’s I hit my head on the car trunk’s door as we were picking up some bags from the supermarket and I had a knob on my head for several days and a headache I couldn’t get rid of. Silly me!
-For days I wanted to eat strawberries we had bought, but I waited for my second appointment with the gynecologist to make sure I am allowed to eat them. And yes, I can have strawberries!

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