Not welcome

Maybe the reason I like blogging is that I’ve met people who make me feel like we’re friends. They care, they ask about me, they make me feel important.
In life there are moments that others make you feel inadequate, like they are better than you and you should try your best to impress them and show them you deserve to be noticed too.

Really, whose fault is it? Yours or theirs? Somebody gives them the right to act like this.
I came to the conclusion that people who try to make you feel inferior are those who don’t have the skills to feel proud of themselves without degrading others.
Aren’t there times you feel that you aren’t welcome somewhere?
Their houses, their family, their lives.
I tend to believe that it doesn’t mean you aren’t enough for them, maybe you are too good. Maybe you have something they are jealous of.
These people don’t usually care about your feelings, if they make you feel like rubbish, if they make you sad.
But they know that whenever they need to take something from you, you will always be available like they have never hurt you, like your soul is a painting that everyone can put some colour on whenever they want. But for how long?
Even when you were little, weren’t there moments that you felt pushed aside, without friends, lonely?
Maybe it’s time to fight for this little kid you used to be and fight for your right to feel special.

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