Beauty Blogger Headquarters: April’s Task-Inspirations

Beauty Blogger HeadquartersThis month we will be chatting about blogging inspirations.

Some bloggers may be inspired by magazines, YouTube channels or other blogs. Sometimes I have been inspired by a photo I have taken or I have even been inspired to make a creation by something completely irrelevant. The biggest inspiration of all is real life.
Sometime ago I was looking for some gift wrapping and bows when I came across this bow and it inspired me to create this type of pony tail holders.

I know my creations don’t look exactly like the object that inspired me, but this is what inspiration is supposed to be, otherwise you just copy something you see.

Like when I create a new make up look. Maybe something I saw on a magazine or another blog has influenced me, but I don’t try to imitate it.

Moments in my real life also inspire me to write new blog posts. For example, now that pregnancy matters concern me I have ideas on this subject and I want to share my suggestions and inquiries on this topic.

A couple of weeks ago I was in my son’s room on a rainy day looking outside. All I could see was dirty buildings, but when I sat on the floor to play with him I looked outside again and I saw a different image out of the window. I saw a beautiful blue sky. That made me think I could write a post about seeing the world through a kid’s eyes. I haven’t written it yet, but these are the photos which inspired me.

What is your inspiration?

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