Long Hair: Celebrity Hall of Fame


Long, sleek locks have featured all over the catwalks this year and there seems to be long hair inspiration everywhere we look. If you’re thinking of getting hair extensions to recreate that long, flowing, gorgeous look, check out some of the most iconic long hair styles of all time for inspiration.


So who makes it to our hall of fame? There’s no restriction on period, decade or age. If she’s had amazing long hair that’s inspired the masses then she makes it onto our list of long-haired lovelies.
Here are some iconic long hairstyles which you’ll love!

  • Ali MacGraw – this actress starred in one of the most loved and cherished romantic movies of our time but we’re sure that the world loves her hair even more. Her effortless long brown hair needs to special fluffing or styling.

  • Jennifer Aniston – Jen was the lady who pioneered the straightening iron and today, girls everywhere are straightening their locks on a daily basis. But the girl who started it was of course the lovely Ms Aniston who graced our TV screens as Friends character, Rachel.


  • Gisele Bündchen – Gisele was one of the first celebs to make ridiculously long hair, cool. This hot model brought back the sexy beach hair look and for that, we must thank her.

  • Farrah Fawcett – who hasn’t admired this woman’s power curls? Long and voluminous, Farrah’s hair deserves its own dressing room.

  • Tyra Banks – Tyra is well known for alternating between super slick and long to wavy locks. Both styles look gorgeous on this super model.

  • Megan Fox – Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful women in the world and her long dark hair combined with her bright blue eyes make her a stunning Hollywood sweetheart.

  • Demi Moore – could Demi Moore’s hair be more famous than she is? Her gorgeous hair has always been recognised for being shiny and healthy, and of course youthful just like her.

  • Brigitte Bardot – her long, luscious locks played a big part in her role as the original sex kitten.


  • Cher – could Cher be the reason we all got a fringe? Her iconic long hair was spellbinding and even a little bewitching. Cher may not have been a pin up for men but her hair has set new lengths when it comes to style standards.

  • Naomi Campbell – another runway model with amazing long hair. Naomi’s hair has remained the same, or similar, over the years and it seems that a classic never grows old.


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