What Your Earrings Say About You

Your costume jewellery may be dictated by the ever-changing face of fashion (we all love a good trend right?) but when it comes to fine jewellery, there’s a much more timeless look and feel to how we adorn ourselves. But have you ever thought about what your jewellery choices say about you? Even the simplest of jewellery – something that we all wear – like your earrings, can reveal a lot about your personality and how you’re feeling. Could this be true?

From the gemstone silver ear rings and studs you have in the bottom of your jewellery pile to the dangly sets you keep just for special occasions, your earrings can say a lot about you.
Take a look at the earrings and attached meanings below to see if they’re true…

The Simple Stud Earring
The simple stud earring is a favorite amongst us all. Most of us girls own at least one pair of studs and they’re a very elegant choice for women of all ages. But what does it mean? According to some psychologists, studs represent confidence and good manners. The next time you wear your stud earrings, perhaps you are in a confident mood?
Diamond Stud Earrings
Now a little different from the simple stud, diamond studs are a way of showing people that you are loved, cherished and a special individual. Diamond studs are often seen as gifts from one person to another so it must mean that someone out there had you in mind when they saw these earrings.
Charm Earrings
Charm style earrings are really fun to look at and fun to style so it’s no wonder that the same vibe is given off when you wear them. Charm earrings show that you are outgoing, friendly and fun to be around.

Hoop Earrings
Hoops are seen as romantic and it always shows that someone is very optimistic about life. This person may be an idealist, a true romantic and a complete dreamer at times. Do you wear hoops? Could this really be true?

Dangly Earrings
Earrings that have movement are seen as sensuous pieces of jewellery, which is why so many people wear them with cocktail dresses and evening wear. They are also great for showing your sexy and more feminine side so always team with a pretty party dress.

So what do you think to these hidden meanings behind your earrings? Can they really reveal so much about how you’re feeling or elements of your personality?

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