Avon Anew vitale BB+ (Day 1)

When I first heard about the Beauty Balm creams I thought it was a good way to wear make up, but say you don’t. They reminded me of sunscreen with colour, several years ago I tried some of them and I was disappointed to find out that the ones I used all had the same dark shade that made my face look orange. 

BB creams sound to me like they’re meant to be for young girls who don’t want or they aren’t allowed to wear make up yet, but they need something to cover their imperfections. So, I didn’t intend to buy one for me until I saw this one which is supposed to have antiageing effects. I can’t go any younger (or can I?), so I want to take care of my skin and not wear make up every day.

I can’t say that I felt it covered my imperfections, but it is really soft and it’s a good solution if you don’t want to wear foundation.  I can still see the brown spot on my forehead and my freckles like with a very light make up, but it looks better than wearing no make up. I also like the fact that it doesn’t leave any visible colour on my face.

I wouldn’t use it to replace my make up, but I’ll continue to use it as a day cream and see if I will feel my skin better in a couple of weeks. 

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