DIY: Bracelet with ribbon and crystals

I have recently created these bracelets and as many of you showed your love towards them I decided first of all to give one as a gift HERE, but I also thought I should show how I created them so that you can try and make yours. All you need is a long piece of ribbon and a chain of strass, crystals or even plastic beads.
I have used different colours of crystals.
First, you have to cut the length of the chain you are going to need. Put it around your wrist and try to keep the least you are going to need, otherwise it’s going to be too long to wrap it around your arm when the bracelet will be complete.

It is advisable to cut enough ribbon. At the end you can remove the extra length.

Make a knot at the middle of the ribbon, so that you have a loop. Start creating a braid around the chain. This is how it should look at the back.
Continue until you have covered all the crystals and finish with a knot.
While you’re working with the ribbon, you have to check several times at the front and back of the bracelet to make sure that the pattern looks even.
To wear the bracelet, you pass the ribbon at the end through the loop you created at the beginning. You can cut off the extra ribbon, but I think it would look very romantic for a bride to have ribbons hanging from her wrists while she’s holding her bridal bouquet!
I have also used suede leather. What do you think looks better?
I think the one with the white crystals is appropriate for a Summer look.
Which colour do you prefer?

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