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Although most people love summertime, for many women it’s also a difficult period as we don’t feel comfortable with our bodies. Personally, I have recently been to the beach twice and both times I didn’t feel very well with the bathing suits I was wearing. During my first pregnancy I didn’t go to the beach at all, but this time I’ll spend the whole Summer being pregnant, so I can’t avoid it. 
I wouldn’t like to wear a bikini right now, but it’s also difficult to fit my belly in one piece bathing suits too. And look what I found,
these swimdresses. They can be also helpful for women who want to hide their imperfections.

I also like these tankinis. They’re two-piece bathing suits and you can select different sizes for the top and the bottom.
I’ve always thought one piece bathing suits are elegant , these are some pieces I like. I’m sure I’ll also need one next year.





For the end I have left the bikinis. I don’t know when I’ll be ready to wear one again. These are my choices. Do you like them? Are you a bikini fan?
You can also choose different top and bottom sizes.



No matter what your size and your taste is, I have good news for everyone. You can Shop 2013 New Arrivals at Swimwearforme.com and buy your favourite piece with 50% off.

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