Getting ready for the new baby

I can’t believe that time has passed and by the end of next month I’ll be having my new baby. When I was pregnant for the first time I had prepared everything too early. I had bought anything I thought I would need by the seventh month of my pregnancy. I wanted to be fair to this child as well, so I decided not to leave everything for the last minute.
Good news is I don’t have to buy anything this time. We even have clothes that haven’t been worn before.

The boring thing is that baby clothes need to be ironed to sterilise them. Well, a few days ago I took everything out of bags and boxes, washed them and then…ironed them. I hate ironing and unfortunately I chose a very hot day for this task.

But I can’t hide, although I really hate ironing I had a big smile on my face while I was doing it. First of all, it brought memories from when Mike was a baby and it hasn’t been long since then. I remember how I smelt his clothes before he was born and I couldn’t believe I was going to have my own baby. I couldn’t believe it until I had him in my arms. I wish all women have the chance to see this dream come true. Sometimes it takes time, but we must be patient.

I also saw some of his clothes I loved. Some of them haven’t even been worn, but there are memories behind them. Like the two blue bodysuits in the first picture. These were the first clothes I bought for my son before he was born, but the weather was too hot, so we kept them in the closet.

The truth is that most of the clothes were gifts by friends and relatives, so we didn’t have to spend much on them, but I had to return many of them as size 0 isn’t very convenient. Babies grow so quickly!

Now I have put everything in a clean drawer and I have covered them to protect them from dust.
Can you see this white sheet? If you have thought until now that I am a normal person, maybe you change your mind now. These were some cloths we gave to our guests when my first son was a newborn, so that they put them on them to carry the baby. We even marked them with a pen to make sure that the side that touched the grown up wasn’t the same that touched the baby. My mum got angry with all this situation!

I believe this time we aren’t going to be so paranoid.
What I have to do now is prepare my own suitcase for the maternity hospital. I think it won’t take me much time as I was wise enough to keep a list with the items I needed the previous time.
Do you think I’m going to take my cosmetics with me?
A few months ago, although I wasn’t pregnant yet I wrote this post with the things you really need and what I think is unecessary to take with you.

Please read it HERE! I’m proud of this post!

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