I am a dreamer!

I am a dreamer! I always think of the past, I try to live my present in a decent way, but I never stop thinking of the future. A few weeks before giving birth, I’m already thinking about the dress I’m going to wear at my son’s baptism probably next Summer. Yes, I know it’s too soon, but I like to imagine the future. Sometimes I even imagine what I would wear if I were nominated for an Oscar award!
So next year I hope I ‘ll be back to my regular size, I’ll have lost the extra weight and I’ll only have a few extra points on my belly.
So, these are some of the dresses I would like to wear on that day.

You can see more designs on efoxcity eFoxcity affordable evening dresses section.

I also found these beautiful dresses on their cheap prom dresses section in case I am super slim. You never know, maybe having two boys at home and running behind them all day long helps me have a very thin figure!

What do you think? Am I close to your taste?
You can visit efoxcity not only for evening dresses, but also to find wedding dreeses, jewelry or even Mens Clothing.

This is a bracelet I got from them for my mum’s nameday. I always wrap gifts at the last minute, so I put it in a black box with a green ribbon. I hope she liked!

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