Feeling like a princess on a Sunday afternoon

I’m writing this post on a Sunday afternoon. The house looks empty today, my oldest son is away for the weekend for the first time without us and we already miss him. Nevertheless, this gives me the chance to do silly, girly things while the baby is sleeping. And you know what is one of the things I love doing? Look for the perfect wedding dress! I know I’m already married and I don’t need another wedding dress, but I can’t give up this old habit!

The coincidence is my parents are at a wedding at the moment at my dad’s hometown. His youngest niece is getting married and as I couldn’t be there because of the kids I wonder what my cousin’s dress is going to be like.

Anyway, as I was looking at eFoxcity‘s wedding dresses I picked the ones I like the most to share them with you. So, these are the wedding gowns I would choose for myself.

Sometimes I think I would love to be a wedding planner or even better work at a shop with wedding dresses. Of course it would be hard for me not to try them on. 

I mainly like romantic wedding gowns, but you can see many different styles if you visit the site.

Except for the bridal section, on eFoxcity there is also a large variety of prom dressesclothing for women and cheap homecoming dresses.

Affordable Wedding Dresses

There is also a jewelry section and this is the necklace I chose from there. Do you like it?

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