Trying new Oriflame and Maybelline products

I wanted to try these new eyeshadows from Oriflame and two Maybelline products my niece bought me.

The cute eyeshadow palette has eight easy to wear shades and for this look I used the first and third shadows on the right together with Avon starry blue night glimmerstick eyeliner.

The palette is easy to carry in your bag. I wouldn’t use these eyeshadows for an evening make up look, but they’re fine for every day use.

My niece Nicole brought me this Maybelline Shine Free pressed powder and a Great Lash mascara in brownish black.

I like Maybelline products and I was eager to try my new gifts.
Let’s start with the powder. Although the package contains a sponge which makes it easy to use outdoors, I prefer to use brushes.
I have also used it without any foundation and I couldn’t believe it didn’t make my face look dry.

Let’s continue with the mascara. As Maybelline has some really great mascaras I had great expectations for this one. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with its result as it looks like I’m not wearing a mascara at all. I think it looks exactly as if I was wearing a clear mascara. I would only wear it in the morning.

Maybelline Great lash mascara

Avon mega effects mascara

As I wasn’t satisfied with it, I used another mascara over it. You can see the difference between this mascara and Avon mega effects mascara.

You can read a review of Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner  and a comparison with two other eye liners on my friend Mingaile’s blog. 

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