My new cosmetic cases

For a long time now I’ve wanted to buy something to store my cosmetics. I mainly looked for a big metallic case like the one my friend Christa bought and we showed here. Since last Christmas I’ve searched on the internet and at some shops with cosmetics, but I didn’t want to spend much money on that as it wasn’t something I really needed.
I already have several cases, it’s just that I wanted something more convenient.

Then I said to myself that I didn’t need anything big or heavy to carry and I was lucky to see that BH Cosmetics had these new cases, I couldn’t resist and bought two. They are also available in fuchsia, but I decided to buy both in black. Each case has two main pockets and I can say that I have put almost all my cosmetics in them and everything is nicely separated.

One of them is for my eye products. I have put in all my eye pencils, mascaras, many single eyeshadows and two big eyeshadow palettes.

In the other one I have put my lip products, some brushes and everything else like make up, powder, concealer, etc.

So, now it’s very easy for me to carry all my cosmetics with me and I also like the fact that they fit on my bedroom’s shelves and they don’t scratch them like my older case did.

Good news is I didn’t pay much for them as they are available with 27% off!

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