Christmas make up look, trying my new Pupa powder, wearing red lipstick for the first time and hair issues

It’s almost Christmas! And yes, I managed to create a Christmas make up look. It was a good chance to use a new face powder and I also wore  red lipstick for the first time. I have tried many times, but I always remove it in the end because I don’t feel it’s my style.

For this look I wanted to use my eyeshadow palette and brushes from which I have also shown here. The palette has so many colours that I will never try all of them! I love the palette and the colours are easy to use. There is a little fallout during the application, but I didn’t have any other problem. The set of brushes is very big too as it consists of 32 pieces. I was surprised that one of the eyeshadow brushes lost a lot of hair while I was using it. I haven’t used all the brushes, but this didn’t happen with the rest of the brushes I used.

First, I highlighted and contoured like I have shown in my post Contour and highlight like Kim Kardashian and used foundation and powder.
Ι used my favourite foundation for over a year now which is LR miracle foundation together with this Pupa pressed powder. Great combination! Although the powder comes with a sponge, I applied it with a brush. I think the brush was a little harsh on the powder, but I didn’t feel it bad on my skin.

On my eyes, first I applied an orange eyeshadow in the crease of my eyes. Then I chose a dark brown shade which I applied in the crease and I spread it on the whole eyelid.With a white eyeshadow I highlighted above and under my eyebrows and at the inner edge of my eyes too.
I used black eye pencil from BH Cosmetics around the eyes and on the waterline. I love how intense it is, but I should buy a demakeup for waterproof eye products.

I decided to apply false lashes for the second time. You can see the first time I used them here.

On my eyebrows I have applied a brown brow pencil I bought from LR. In a future post I may talk about several cosmetics I bought from them.

I also used an apricot blush from the same brand on my cheek.

For the lips I chose a nude lip pencil from BH Cosmetics and my new shine attract lipstick in Red Smoulder shade from Avon. I have written a short review to show soon.

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