Fast New Year’s Eve make up and some favourite 2013 moments

I’ve wanted for so long to create a nice make up look suggestion for New Year’s Eve. But the truth is I have been so busy that I didn’t have much time to dedicate on that. So, I created a fast look, it may be helpful as many girls work until few hours before midnight and they want to get ready quickly.

I have combined three colours of eyeshadows and to give it a little more glamour I have added some Kryolan glamour sparks.
As I was in a really hurry (I completed it with the baby in  my arms), I didn’t make it as dramatic as I would like it.

I used my eyeshadows from again. Below you can see the colours. I also used black eye pencil and mascara.

I hadn’t combined these shades before and I was curious to see what they would look like. I can say that I like the result.

This may be the last post of the year.
Thank you for all the moments we lived together in 2013!
It was a fantastic year for me. It had some difficult moments too, but the good ones are unforgetable.
Happy New Year!!!

Some of my favourite photos from 2013

Thank you for everything!!!

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