My Christmas day at the mall and a beautiful surprise

Happy holidays! Did you enjoy yourselves on Christmas Day?

For many people these days are a good chance to spend some time with their family.
For me this year was very special as it was my baby’s first Christmas.
Two days before Christmas the four of us went to the mall. It was the first time we went out all together as the cold weather has kept us inside. 

When you have little kids it takes so long to prepare and you always need to carry a lot of things. Fortunately, the baby was very quiet and everything went fine.


For the end I have a beautiful surprise. My friend Evonita surprised me with this beautiful Christmas backdrop card! She is one of my favourite blogger friends and a person I would really like to meet some time. I would like to thank her very much for her sweet gesture!
When I received the card I felt very happy and I put it in our Christmas tree.



Happy holidays my friends!

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