My Two Favorite Anti-ageing Tools

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought: oh no, I am getting old!? One day after a panic attack just like that I started trawling the Internet looking for anything that would help me delay ageing. One of the cool things I found was a derma roller.

Today I will share with you my two favourite tools that I can’t live without when it comes to my fight against ageing.
The first one is a needle, the most straightforward sort of a needle that you use for mending holes in your hubby’s old pants. It needs to be very sharp though.
The second one is a derma roller. It is a device with miniature spikes that you roll over your face to rejuvenate skin.
Why needles?
The first thing I can say is that they are by far the cheapest alternative to any other anti-ageing device. You can get a derma roller for a few pounds sterling and a needle literally for free.
They create tiny holes in your skin. When the needles are used on a very superficial level they increase absorption of skin care products. If they are used on a deeper level, such as 1.5mm or even deeper, they stimulate collagen regeneration, which in turn results in a more toned up skin and delays wrinkle formation.
What do I use a derma roller for?
Derma rollers are brilliant tools for keeping forehead, cheeks and chin smooth. It smoothes out scars, wrinkles and improves the texture of the skin, i.e. minimises pore size, reduces stretch marks, cellulite and even thinning hair! I only use it on my face, but you could try on different parts of the body too!
What do I use a needle for?
We have derma rollers that are great, so why a needle? Well, derma rollers cover a rather wide area all at once and that does not feel like having a massage done on my face. It hurts a little bit and my tolerance to pain is not particularly high. Nevertheless, it’s not as bad as it may sound, it’s just that one needle is totally painless for me and I can target specific wrinkles with it.
Sometimes, when I am not up for a serious derma roller session, I use a needle in the forehead area. I puncture the lines that are slowly creeping up on my face, apply a serum and a moisturiser and go to bed. I always do this at night, the last thing before going to sleep. In the morning a sun cream with high SPF is a must. Also, don’t forget to sterilise the needle, the derma roller and your skin before the procedure.


If you want to see how I use one needle for getting rid of frown lines, you can watch my video on YouYube, which you can find here:


Have you ever tried a derma roller or a needle to rejuvenate your skin? Would you like to try it? Do needles scare you?

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