New Year’s resolutions (2014)

When I think of ‘New Year’s resolutions’, Bridget Jones’ diary (Helen Fielding)  is the first thing that comes to my mind. It’s been more than a decade since I read it, but I remember Bridget’s promises to herself to give up some had habits and try to lose weight.
Although I enjoyed the book so much, I haven’t read the sequel ‘The edge of reason’ which has been in my bookcase for so long.

With the arrival of the new year it’s a good moment to take some decisions and make new beginnings.
This is not something that I usually do, but I think that if I write down a few things that I should do and promise to keep my word it’s a good chance to push myself more and accomplish them.

So, let me think for a few minutes what do I need to do this year?
Is there anything that I always say that I’m going to do, but I never materialise?
Well, I can think of too many things, but I should make a list with the ones there is a possibility to realise this year and let’s keep the list short.

1. For the first time in my life I have gained extra weight. It’s been 3 months since I gave birth and there are eleven (+1 don’t tell anyone) kilos which are stuck on me. So, I promise to take care of my figure. As I have always been skinny while I ate everything I liked I’m not used to going on a diet, so I will try to achieve it in different ways.

2. When I wonder why I can’t lose weight the first answer I give myself is that I don’t do anything about it. I eat too much chocolate and junk food instead. I should try and cut down on all these unhealthy treats, but not really to lose weight, but to protect my health. I know I’m not going to start eating vegetables and salads, but I could at least stop eating my son’s biscuits. Every week we buy about three packets of them, but I eat all of them in three days. So, when my son asks me to give him a biscuit he can’t believe we don’t have any and he makes me open the cupboard and all the jars he knows I keep them.

3. Walk, walk, walk! I’ve always loved walking. I like walking around our area, but I also walk inside the house. As a student instead of sitting on my desk to do my homework, I used to walk around my room with my books in my hands. I never stopped walking until last summer. Even being pregnant I walked for about a quarter to take my son to a park far from our house and then back home. Now we are sitting at home as the weather is too cold to take the baby out. So, I can only walk in the house when I hold the baby.

4. I won’t cut my hair. I always say that I’ll grow my hair, but I end up with a short bob haircut. This time I am determined to have long hair and I’ll take care of it.

5. I’ll find time to read more books. In the past I used to read books only when Ι was on my summer break from work. Now I don’t devote any time on that. One of the reasons is I usually find time to read when I go to bed and as soon as I start reading I fall asleep!
It’s time I read Bridget Jones’ book and so many other books we have in our bookcase.

6. I’ll go to bed earlier. Ιt’s so hypocritical to promise this while I’m sick and I’m still in front of my laptop at 0:45. But I have to try!

7. I won’t shout. Yes, sometimes I shout a lot. Be careful! Don’t put this in your mouth! Don’t, don’t, don’t!

8. I will spend less time on the Internet. Ok, I’m laughing while I’m writing that. We all know this isn’t going to happen.

9. I will try to be better. A better mum, better daughter, better blogger. A better me!

10. I will concentrate on one thing. I usually do many things together, so maybe nothing is perfect at the end.

The list could be very long, so I should stop at number 10. I will tell you next year if I did all the above.
Above all, I should promise to keep the faith. To have faith in God, people, myself.
Happy New Year!
I’m sending my warmest wishes!

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