Can you be fashionable while breastfeeding?

In this post I will combine two topics that seem completely irrelevant to each other, but in my opinion a mum can be interested in both. So let’s talk about fashion and breastfeeding.

I’m not going to have a scientific approach of the advantages or disadvantages of breastfeeding, but as you may know it can be beneficial both for the baby and the
mother, so when I gave birth to my first baby I decided to try the experience of breastfeeding. The beginning was so difficult that I didn’t expect to continue more than a month. But as I am a stubborn person who can’t accept to lose I managed to do it for a long time. Of course that I worked part-time made it a little easier for me, but the whole period had many difficulties. The worst moment was when I had some horrible symptoms which I found out it was mastitis, a word that I hadn’t heard before and I wish you never have to experience.

Anyway, when baby number 2 was born a few months ago I decided to be fair and breastfeed him too. This time I had to face other difficulties even when we were still in the maternity hospital. I’m not going to make you bored with details, but I could see that breastfeeding would be harder to continue this time. Nevertheless, we managed to continue until now.

This means I can’t wear anything I like as my clothes have to be convenient for breastfeeding. Although I like dresses and there is a large variety of them in my wardrobe which can fit even my huge belly, they make breastfeeding difficult.

And the problem isn’t just to find one appropriate outfit every day. During the day we have many accidents with vomiting and I have to be prepared with more available clothes.

Winter makes the whole situation more complicated. Woolen sweaters tend to leave threads on the baby and he may eat them and, in general, fluffy clothes don’t help a lot.
Well, I end up wearing cotton blouses, which I prefer anyway, but with breastfeeding bras and pads they don’t have the best result and are not a good choice to wear out of the house.
As you realise finding the perfect outfit is impossible for me at the moment. 

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