Is Fur Back?

I remember back in the eighties, when I was little, fur was so popular. Ladies would wear their fur coats for formal occasions and fur accessories would be a part of their outfits too.

Joan Collins is the first person who comes to my mind when I think of that time. Who doesn’t remember Alexis Colby on Dynasty wearing a fur coat!

Then there was a period when wearing fur wasn’t acceptable and that trend started to fade. 
Fur sales statistics show that things have changed again and fur has made a comeback and there are various reasons for that.

Fashion designers use it on their fashion shows and what used to be a taboo a few years ago now has become trendy again as you can see top models posing in fur.

Celebrities have played their role in bringing the fur trend back. There are those who can’t hide their love for a fur coat or hat and they don’t hesitate to wear it in public even though they are aware of the fact that they can be criticised. And there are others who are against wearing fur and they take part in campaigns against it.

In addition, while many people and organisations protest against it, others believe that wearing fur is no different from eating meat or using cosmetics which have been tested on animals.

 Their longevity and quality and the fact that fur repairs and alterations are easy are other reasons that many people can’t turn them down. 

Fur supporters claim that fur is a more eco-friendly material than synthetics or cotton because for materials like cotton farmers need to use harsh pollutants that pollute the environment and clothes made with these materials don’t last long and people throw them away. 

Organisations that fight for animals’ rights have brought to light details about brutal treatment of animals in the process of taking off their fur.

What do you think about it? Have you got any fur products in your wardrobe or are you opposed to wearing fur?
Some people believe that wearing faux fur doesn’t make a difference as it promotes wearing fur too. Do you agree?

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