Jessica Alba’s hairstyles

A few months ago you voted on a poll for the celebrity with the best hair. Jennifer Aniston was the winner and I wrote a post here. Today I decided to write about another actress I really like and she has experimented a lot with her hair. 
When I first saw Jessica Alba I said ‘Who’s that cute girl?’. Then I found out I had seen her before, but she had different hair and I hadn’t realised she was the same person.

It looks like she isn’t afraid to change her image frequently. She hasn’t played a lot with the length of her hair, but she has tried many different colours.

Lester Cohen/WireImage 

With a mother of Danish and French Canadian descent and a Mexican father, she has a great combination of characteristics.

We have also seen her with bob haircut, but most times she has long hair.

Brown hair makes her look more sophisticated, but blonde honey highlights give her a very sweet image.

She prefers neutral eye make up and she highlights her natural full lips.

It’s difficult to say if she looks better with dark or blonde hair as she always manages to look great, but I have to admit that I love her golden hair!

What about you? Do you prefer her as a brunette or blonde?

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