Which Colour to choose for your Prom Dress

One of the first things you should take care of if you want your prom night to be a night you will always remember, is to find the right dress for you.
Following your personal taste and style is important, but taking into consideration the latest fashion trends could help.
Maybe choosing the colour of your dress in advance will save you time.

Pastels are always a safe choice for Spring and they are very popular at the moment. If you have settled on a colour, then you have to decide on the length and style. But be careful because very light shades can make a fair person look pale.

Would you dare a backless dress? There are many options on the designs a backless dress can have.

Orchid is the top colour for 2014. You can look for 
prom dresses online where there are many shades of purple, so that you make sure you choose the one that matches your complexion and hair.

Vibrant blue is also a trend of this year. Even me, that I’m not a fan of blue, I like this colour on me. And I think it would look nice on most people because it gives brightness.
On your big night there are so many available options that black can be omitted, but it is still an easy solution.
Speaking of black, I read somewhere that ‘orange is the new black’.
Although I don’t think that there will ever be a replacement for black, I understand that at some point blue or grey could be considered as an alternative, but orange? No way!
It is trendy at the moment and if you like wearing orange you can find many dresses in this colour, but it could never take the place of black.
Apart from what fashion commands, maybe there is a colour that you desire to try this Spring/Summer. For me it’s this green in the picture below which you can find on DressDressy.com like all the dresses in the photos above.
 What is your favourite colour at the moment?

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