DIY: Hanger for jewellery

Throwing away stuff is very hard for me. Many times I keep useless things in case I need them for some reason in the future. I like making new objects out of old items.
I had kept a pile of necklaces that I have made on a closet door’s handle because I was going to wear them sometime. All these years I have never worn them! One of the reasons is that it wasn’t easy to remove only one of them as they tangle.
So, I made this hanger for my jewellery by using something useless that I just couldn’t get rid of.

Did you come up with any ideas of what these plastic hooks are?
I like to change the plastic curtain of our bathtub very often, so I end up with extra hooks that I don’t use as the old ones are usually in a good condition. I had collected several of them that I hadn’t used and I wanted to make something with them. A necklace made with them wouldn’t be something I would like to wear, so I came up with the idea of this jewellery hanger.
And this is our last bathroom curtain!

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