Three Body Shapers into the Test

After my second pregnancy, I’ve heard so many times by some women, including my mum, that I have to do something for my belly like wearing a belt to help my body get its shape back.
I had asked my doctor even from the first time I had given birth what I could do for my tummy and if it would be safe to wear something that would press my belly and I had been told that an after pregnancy belt is not supposed to be worn all the time,
the best solution is to exercise.

At the maternity hospital I was given relevent brochures with products I would need for me and the new born, so I had the chance to see some different designs and various prices. I was afraid that I would spend a lot of money on something that would be useless at the end, so instead of visiting a maternity shop, I looked for cheaper alternatives on the Internet.

The first months I didn’t even want to hear about a belt as I was in terrible pain and I didn’t want anything to touch my belly.

I spotted this Underbust Tight Tummy Body Shaper on BornPrettyStore and decided to go for it.




When I was looking for the right size to order I was a little confused as according to the site’s measurements even XXXL would be small for me. Then, I decided to shop based on my height, so I ended up with Large. I thought that if it wasn’t the right size afterall, I would have only lost 8,25$.
When I received it I knew I needed a belt larger than this. Apparently they have written the measurements when the product isn’t stretched, that’s why they all looked small.
The first time I tried it on I couldn’t stand it for more than one minute. But I continued trying it on for a while every day and see if it helps on anything. As you can see, it made me look thinner. I couldn’t wear it for more than an hour the first times until I decided to wear it even to go for a walk. In the meanwhile I lost weight as the pain was reduced and I had started walking and exercising.
I wish it hadn’t been so tight because I like my figure when I wear it, but the way it presses my belly, it makes me sad (weird but true!). Of course I wore it when I wanted to take photos for my blog in Winter or when I wanted to prevent people from calling me ‘fat’ or ‘pregnant’!

If I had ordered a larger size, I think I would like this product more.

Sometime at the beginning of Spring I thought of trying a second product I found on SammyDress. It is called ‘
Style Shaping Waist Beauty Hip Fifth Pants for Women’, so when I ordered it I hadn’t realised it works for the thighs only, the word ‘waist’ fooled me. I struggled to get it through my hips, but although it is very tight on that area, it does nothing on my belly. 

I haven’t worn it again, I may give it to somebody or keep it to wear it with my old skinny jeans.
These pants cost only 6,65$, so I didn’t lose much money.
On the same site I have also seen a new elastic shaper and I may give it a try in a next order, but I am a little confused with their measurements.

The last one is a packet of two pieces of underwear called ‘Pretty Pants’ and I bought them thanks to a TV commercial. They aren’t very tight and I still get these ‘pregnancy compliments’!

In the past I had bought the ‘Pretty Bra’ and I knew that the quality was good. I wasn’t sure about the size, I ordered them in S/M and it was the right choice.
I like that the material is washable and comfortable to wear under any clothes, but you can still see my belly bump. Nevertheless, I don’t mind it as a tighter product would be difficult for me to tolerate.
I wear the beige ones with all my Summer dresses and you can see their result in my last outfit posts.
I bought them in a great price, if my memory serves me correctly I paid 10 euros including shipping on a weekend sales, and I would consider buying one more set.


All in all,
I like the first one and it gives a nice result under my outfits, but it is too tight for me.

The second one doesn’t offer any help on my belly, but maybe it’s my fault as it is supposed to be working on thighs where it is really tight.

The last one is the most comfortable of the three, but it doesn’t reduce the size of my tummy dramatically.

I am not sure that they can provide a permanent result, but I like the fact that they can make me feel more confident with certain outfits.

If you asked me if I regret buying three different cheap products instead of purchasing one item from a regular shop, the answer is simple. All the 3 products were cheaper than the ones I had seen!

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