DIY: Stamps on T-shirts

I hate ironing and I avoid it as much as I can, so I had bought this stamp long time ago and I was too lazy to try this project.
This is an easy and cheap way to decorate your plain T-shirts and transform them to new ones in an instant.

This ‘iron stamp’ style was very popular when I was a child in the 80’s, so if you are a little older you may remember it.

You are going to need a T-shirt, an iron and a stamp.

1.Place the T-shirt on the ironing board.

2.Remove the white backing.

3.Stick the stamp on the T-shirt.

4.Put a piece of fabric over the T-shirt with the stamp.

5.Iron for a couple of minutes.

6.Let the T-shirt get cold.

7.Remove the plastic cover at the front of the stamp.

Your new T-shirt is ready!

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