My Writing Process tour

The gorgeous Sissi from Beauty4Free2u has invited me to do ‘My Writing Process tour’ where I have to answer some specific questions and nominate other bloggers too. First of all, let me tell you a few things about Sissi. It isn’t the first time she has been featured on my blog, as she had sent me a guest post in the past.
Since we met on the blogging world she has been one of my favourite blogger friends. She is very talented and has great ideas which presents on her blog and her YouTube channel, but she also has a beautiful personality and a great sense of humour. What makes her different from other beauty bloggers is the fact that she tries to find cosmetics which are animal cruelty free.
Thank you so much Sissi for thinking of me!!! 
 Here are the questions I have to answer:
 1) What am I working on?

Unfortunately I usually do many things together and this makes it hard to finish anything. At the moment I am trying to prepare some posts for the blog, including some outfit posts more professional and artistic than what I have shown until now.

 2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Every blogger has a different style. Maybe the vast variety of subjects on my blog makes it different, but this can be negative as I am not focused only on beauty and sometimes I stay behind on some fields. For example, there are make up looks that I have made, but I can’t find the time to present. Another difference from most beauty bloggers is that I rarely write product reviews. I usually take photos of the new things I buy, but I never write about them in the end. I prefer to use make up products in my make up posts and just mention them. And I usually feel shy to make posts with things I buy if I don’t have anything to say about them.

not reviewed
 3) Why do I write what I do?

Most times I write about things I am really interested in and what I would also like to read on other blogs too. I show make up looks because I love make up, I make DIY projects because I like being creative, I write tips about wedding because I love wedding dresses! In some posts I’m trying to show off my humour!
And yes, sometimes I write about something because I have been asked to!

 4) How does your writing process work?

 Whatever I do I take photos. I take photos of my make up, my nails, my creations, new stuff I buy, so when I have time I start writing the posts on my blog and edit the photos. There are also numerous posts that I have only written the title or maybe a few words. This way I don’t forget certain things I want to write about.
Unfortunately, my time is so limited that I don’t manage to prepare as many posts as I would like. I also try to find time to visit other blogs and of course reply to the comments on my blog. Lately I try to turn my laptop on after lunchtime and start blogging when I have put the kids in bed, but my kids sleep so little! The day is so small that I even do work on my mobile during the night when I wake up for the baby.

Now it’s my turn to nominate three of my favourite beauty bloggers.

1. Let’s start with Mingaile from Min’s Beauty Equipment. She mainly writes about beauty, but in such a professional way that you won’t believe that she does all this while she takes care of her little kids. She is looking for anti-ageing methods, so I hope she’ll find what we need to stay young. She is so honest that she will tell you if she doesn’t agree on something.

2. The second friend is Adeola from She Got Her Own. I’ve known her a little longer than the other girls and even when we don’t have time for blogging, we remember to send a message to check on each other. She’s very young, but she has accomplished many achievements. I love her outfit posts because she’s got her own style!
3. Last but not least is Erica from Diary of a Trendaholic. What I love on her blog is her make up looks. But I also like something that you probably won’t see on a beauty blog, her travel photos. She has been to many places and shares fantastic photos from all over the world.


Girls, I’ll be waiting for your posts and let me know if you want me to remove any of your photos.

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