My ‘Black’ Wishlist from YoyoMelody and their Giveaway

YoyoMelody is having a giveaway and one of the rules to participate is to write your wishlist with their products.

Well, here are some of my favourite products on the site.

The first set is more formal and consists of an elastic black dress, silver clutch and a gorgeous necklace.

This is the type of dress you can easily wear as it is chic, but not too formal. I would wear as a guest to a wedding or even at a party.

The second set is more casual. I like this black sweater a lot because it is simple, but the gold print makes it more exquisite. I like the combination with the leather pants, but I would also like to see it with a skirt. I would match it with this multi chain necklace with crosses to give this look a little more rock attitude.

These are two black outfits that I would like to wear.
What do you think?
You can take part in the giveaway too. Just click here.

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