Bringing Sexy Back

If I looked for a dress to buy at the moment, the colour would be the last factor to take into consideration.
First I would decide on the material according to the occasion and then I would decide on the length of the dress.

Of course the design can make the difference and there are so many options on the style that a dress can be.


If you are determined to settle in a specific shade, then you may have to deal with a smaller variety of dresses and miss out on types of dresses that would look great on you. 



I’ve always believed that backless gowns can be a very good choice as there are so many cheap sexy homecoming dresses with various back patterns. Even the simpler dress can get a glamorous and elegant look with a deep-V back, crossed straps or a transparent fabric on the back with an embroidered pattern or even sparkling crystals.







In my opinion, for a chic appearance the rest of the dress mustn’t exaggerate and the back should be the only element that stands out like a piece of jewellery.

Do you like backless dresses? Which one do you prefer from this post?

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