My first outfit from DressVe

Some of you may already now that for the past months I have been managing DressVe Google+ page and this cooperation goes very well as we managed to have more than 2200 new followers in two months.

As you can imagine, by looking at their beautiful photos every day I had the desire to try some of their products too and see if they are like in the pictures on

I ordered this long black blouse. On the site it is sold as a dress, but I was sure it would be too short for me to wear as a dress. It is also available in grey and you can find it here. It looks very comfortable and I will wear it a lot in winter over my jeans or leggings.
It is one size, something that can be risky as on many sites one size refers to Medium size, but it is elastic and it fits me perfectly.


I still can’t believe that I managed to get in my old jeans! I had written a poem about them thinking that it would be impossible to lose my pregnancy weight all over again. Of course I’m still wearing my waist shaper when I take photos.
You can also see me wearing this bracelet I ordered and you can find here. It is a vintage piece that I would also like to match with my dresses.
I received it in this beautiful pink box which is great if you are going to offer it as a gift.


On the site you can find all sorts of clothes, from jeans and sneakers to evening dresses and jewellery.


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