Between Summer and Winter, Yoyo Melody review

Between Summer and Winter it’s the time of the year that I don’t know what to wear. I like Autumn, but the weather is so unstable. Whenever I have to leave the house I wonder what I should wear. So, a couple days ago that I would go to buy a pair of sneakers, I looked in my wardrobe and couldn’t find anything.

Then I remembered that I had washed and ironed this blouse from which I received for review. Later that day that the weather got a little more chilly I wore a khaki cardigan over it.

It was in the same order with the blouse I showed in my previous post and they took three weeks to arrive which is fine for me.
The size guide on the site was very helpful and I ended up with Medium.

Have I mentioned how much I love olive green? Especially when I have this colour on my hair that I have at the moment. Nevertheless, it is also available in black and burgundy and you can find it here.

Do you want to see the shoes I bought? I didn’t want to spend much money as I usually regret the shoes I buy and I chose this fuchsia pair.


What do you wear this time of the year?

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