DIY: Hair Tutorial – Curl your hair with one move

Aren’t there days you want to have nice hair, but you don’t have the time to experiment with it, you can’t afford to go to the hairdresser’s or you don’t want to damage your hair with heating tools?
Last year I accidentally found a way to curl my hair without doing much.
I only use the cheapest tool ever and even without that you can make your own and have curly hair.

I have bought this tool for buns from Sammydress and it costs about one euro. I am sure there are many stores which sell something similar as buns are very popular at the moment, but if you can’t get one, use a piece of fabric instead. 
As my hair is heavy I usually wear my hair half up half down, for the part that stays up I use this tool to make an easy bun.

I like this hairstyle anyway, so I can stay like this for hours. Then, when I want to change my hair, I only remove this tool and half of my hair is curly (You can do it with all your hair for thicker curls). With my fingers I stretch the curls and I am ready!
Without any special tools or skills and in no time!

If you wonder if this works on wet or dry hair, I can say that I have tried it with both wet and dry hair. A hair spray or mousse could help for the result to last.

I had also taken photos when I used to have dark hair, so you can see the result on different colour hair too.

What do you think of my silly technique?
Isn’t it super easy to curl your hair only with a bun?


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